Rachel ♥ (digivolution) wrote in bey_rating,
Rachel ♥

Go shoot!


Name: Rachel
Age: 16
Likes: drawing, painting, playing the guitar, writing songs, being loud, surfing the internet, watching TV, playing video games, sleeping, eating, goofing off, cartoons in general, my friends
Dislikes: Cockroaches, crickets, celery, mean people
Hobbies/Talents: Drawing, painting, watching TV, listening to music, dancing, playing guitar
Strengths: I'm intelligent. I get really good grades. I'm a good friend. I am very artistic!
Weaknesses: I'm stubborn. I don't listen sometimes. I can lose sight of goals. I get side tracked.
Pet Peeves: When people crack their knuckles, whistling, smacking gum, chewing with their mouth open


Food: Anything!
Color: Blue
Animal: Dogs, kangaroos, foxes
Band(s): Train, Matchbox 20, All-American Rejects
Song(s): A lot!
Beyblade Character: Ooooh...Mariah, Ray, Tala, Max, King, Queen, Zeo...I like a lot!
Bit beast: Driger rocks my socks. I like Dranzer too! And Wolborg.

~Least Fav~
Food: Celery! Yuck!
Color: Yellow
Animal: Skunk
Beyblade Character: Daichi, Tyson, Emily
Bit beast: Galmon

Leader/Follower: Leader
Independent/Dependent: Independent
Mature/Immature: Both
Low, Medium, or High Energy: Medium

How did you find this community?: Link-hopping!
Any last words: Pictures!

Prom pic.

Senior portrait ^_^

I'm on the left!
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