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Go shoot!!

Name: Makiko
Age: 18
Likes: Anime (favorites are Gravitation, Kyou Kara Maoh and Shaman King), singing, playing DDR, hanging with my friends, watching tv, playing video games, and shopping. XD Oh, and yaoi. XD
Dislikes: BUSH! (sorry, couldn't help it), stupid/ignorant people, homophobes, people who walk slow, and sitting around doing nothing. And dogs who jump on me and bark and slobber me. *shudder*
Hobbies/Talents: Teaching myself the keyboard, singing, playing video games (especially DDR), and-well, everything I said on my 'likes' list/DDR, making stick-figure or MSPaint pictures that are actually pretty crappy but funny, I'm an okay singer and actor as well.
Strengths: Smart, pretty (does that count?), funny, a good listener, and able to laugh at myself....sometimes.
Weaknesses: Kinda short temper, very blunt, don't think before I say things often, mood swings. And I guess sometimes I can be a little vain, but I really have no self-confidence at ALL.
Pet Peeves: Everything in my dislikes. Isn't that kinda the same thing as a dislike?


Food: Tacos and cupcakes.
Color: Black and pink.
Animal: Bunny! XD
Band(s): Bad Luck (<--Gravitation geek) and Green Day
Song(s): I can't choose. @. @
Beyblade Character: Max! He's so adorable.
Bit beast: Draciel, because on my beyblade game that's who I have and I'm practically undefeated.

~Least Fav~
Food: Just about anything good for me. ^ ^;;
Color: Bright things, like lime green and yellow.
Animal: I dunno. Maybe dogs that jump on me and slobber me.
Beyblade Character: Tyson. He just bugs me. - -
Bit beast: I dunno.

Leader/Follower: Follower usually
Independent/Dependent: DEPENDENT
Mature/Immature: Mature, normally.
Low, Medium, or High Energy: Low-medium.

How did you find this community?: Other ratings comms.
Any last words:....Nope!
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