Stephanie (princesspolaris) wrote in bey_rating,

Go shoot!

Name: Stephanie
Age: 26
Likes: Creativity, good friends, reality TV
Dislikes: Cheating
Hobbies/Talents: Writing, webpage design
Strengths: Creative, loyal
Weaknesses: A little shy
Pet Peeves: Rude people


Food: Pizza, Chocolate
Color: Pink
Animal: Cat
Band(s): INXS, No Doubt
Song(s): "Run" and "Strong Enough" by Rex Goudie
Beyblade Character: Tyson, Ray, Judy
Bit beast: Dragoon

~Least Fav~
Food: Olives
Color: Brown
Animal: Vicious dogs
Beyblade Character: Tala
Bit beast: None, they're all cool!

Leader/Follower: Follower
Independent/Dependent: A little of both
Mature/Immature: Mature
Low, Medium, or High Energy: Medium energy

How did you find this community?: Through the ygo_rating affiliate list
Any last words: Need a picture? Here it is:

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